Ranch Manager Cloud Ranch Manager: Cloud Services Starting At: $39.99/yr  

The Ranch Manager Cloud Service allows wireless transfer between devices. Synchronize any device * running Ranch Manager through the Cloud. Unlike most Cloud services, the RM Cloud works at the record level, which means conflicts are minimized. With this service one user can modify an animal's tag value, another modify the same animal's birth date and the data is merged without conflict when synchronized.

The world has become increasingly mobile and Ranchers are taking advantage of this mobility to make their lives easier. Take your data with you, rather than rely on an internet connection to access your data while you are on the go. Use the Ranch Manager Cloud to synchronize your data with any device running Ranch Manager. Whether it is your mobile phone, a laptop computer, or a tablet, we are developing solutions that work for you. Participating devices can be iPhone, iPod Touch, PC and Mac OS X computers.

Your data is encoded and securely transmitted to the cloud, and can be retrieved by the remote device at any time a connection to the internet is available. Make changes on the go from multiple devices simultaneously and send them back to your master database for consolidation. You do not need to be connected to the network to enter and view data once received from the RM Cloud.

This service is ideal for those that use multiple devices, or have multiple people that need to be able to enter or view data as part of the Ranching operation.

The Ranch Manager Cloud provides piece of mind as your complete Ranch Manager database is transmitted to your device. This means that if you ever suffer from a computer crash, your data can be shared back from any of your participating cloud devices or computers**.

*Participating devices can be iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air, PC and Mac OS computers.
**Images are not synchronized through the RM Cloud, so please back them up accordingly.

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The Ranch Manager Cloud requires a single computer to be designated as the "Master" device. This computer will hold the master copy of your Ranch Manager data and will be used to reconcile any conflicts that arise during synchronization.

The RM Cloud is not active in trial copies of Ranch Manager. Before registering for any cloud services, you must register your Master computer using the following steps:

  • Start Ranch Manager on your Windows or Mac computer
  • From the RM Cloud menu select Register This Computer with the RM Cloud.
  • Read the instructions and click Next
  • Leave Master Device selected and click Next
  • Read the summary information provided and click Finish

Once you have registered your Master Device, you are ready to add devices to your cloud configuration here.

Your RM Cloud license number is the Registration number assigned to you when you activated your Ranch Manager software on the Master computer. The Registration # can be found by selecting About from the Help menu in Ranch Manager. The Registration # is your RM Cloud License No. (see the screen shot on the right).

Enter your RM Cloud License No (including dashes and capital letters) in the box below and click Continue.


RM Cloud License No: