Introducing our next major release...

Ranch Manager Open is Here!

By Lion Edge Technologies Inc.

Our next major release of Ranch Manager is now here! You may call it version 3, we call it Open. Either way, we are retiring Ranch Manager version 2, and you must now upgrade to our new Ranch Manager Open product to stay up to date.  Here are the highlights of what is in the new release:


  • A new responsive user interface that adapts to different screen resolutions. The new monitors today have super high resolution displays, causing the older versions of Ranch Manager to display with super small text and buttons. The new version is adjustable and will detect the screen size and size controls appropriately. If you need to fine tune, you can select different display sizes via the "Options" menu.
  • You now have access to all modules in the software. If you have multiple species you do not need to upgrade your software. Simply go to the File menu and select "Add/Remove Modules" to select the modules you want to use.
  • The iPhone, iPad, Windows and Macintosh software are now free to use, as we have eliminated the one time license charge for the software. Going forward we will be using RM Cloud licenses and voluntary license contributions from our user base to sustain our business.
  • A new "Home" screen making navigation easier. There's also a news panel that will remind you when you have RM Cloud licenses coming through, and when updates to the software are available.
  • We have streamlined the RM Cloud.  You now just need to use the "Perform Synch" option to share/send/receive your changes all in one go. When you add a device, just Synch you no longer need to use the different options to perform different steps. Ranch Manager will figure out what needs to be done.
  • We've added a "Backup to Cloud" option in the "File" menu, allowing you to backup your project file to the RM Cloud using your Master device. You can easily "Restore" from the RM Cloud when you move computers or if you have a computer failure and need to restore.
  • We have launched a new Community for support.  Participation is free. This new community will enable us to streamline the way we help you, as well as enable you to help each other.


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