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Livestock Software Ranch Manager: Livestock Edition Software Starting At: $174.99
Have multiple livestock to manage? Our Livestock Edition software is especially tailored for you. Ranch Manager is designed to allow users the flexibility to combine products if you wish (multiple species eg. Cattle + Goat) into one livestock program. Different modules will be plugged into the software so you can have your cows with your horses in one program with separate icons for your cattle and equine. The various combinations are available in Windows and Mac platforms.

Our list of products include: Cattle, Equine, Sheep, Goat, Canine, Wildlife and Camelid.

For on the go, in the pasture or at a show, the Mobile Edition Software for iPhone syncs with the Ranch Manager Livestock Desktop Edition using the RM Cloud. The Mobile Edition makes working and viewing livestock records easier and more productive. We are here to help you take control of your livestock records now!
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Livestock Edition - Customer Testimonials  (View All Testimonials)

Darla McCleary

WE'RE SOLD!!!!!!!  You guys have a great program!  It is simple to enter information and yet a lot of information can be found easily!   We haven't found all of the reports yet, but still working on that.  Can see we have a ton more info that we could and probably will try to put in.  The support is AMAZING!!!!!!!  I work away from home as the bookkeeper for 2 school districts.  My only time is Sat. and you guys have been RIGHT THERE.  Now, if I could only get my accounting support for the schools to be half that efficient!  :-)

Thank you very much.  We are very impressed!

Darla McCleary

We have tried a couple others, and this one is still the easiest and yet get so much information in.  We are custom lamb feeders also so, therefore, I looked at your Sheep Software.  Looks like it will be as easy and efficient as the cattle program if a person has ewes.  Congrats on a great program!

Sharyle Martin, WA

Oh my gosh, Thank you so so much!! It's up and going!!! I really really appreciate it!!  I have been so impressed with your service ever since I first bought it, I am glad that I have told all my friends about you guys, and I know that 4 of them have bought from you, that is so great! Again thank you so much!!

Sharyle Martin  Washington

BF Goat Superintendent


Brian - Golden Gate Farms

Just a note
The Ranch Manager program is exactly what I wanted. Great program.
I have a couple friends interested in programs too.

Jay - Prairie Dog Farm

I feel that for the price, that Ranch Manager is far better value at less than 1/2 the cost. Other Sheep programs I’ve tried do not seem to be up to date right now.

My only disappointment is that I did not come across Ranch Manager first.

That is my opinion. Talk to you soon


Prairie Dog Farm

Reg.Polled Dorsets



Manitoba, Canada

Natalie - Les Biscornu, Quebec, Canada

Thank you for your quick response. I really am happy with your software and  I don't hesitate to recommend it to all my friends and breeding stock customers!


Le Biscornu

Rimouski, QC


Marida Favia del Core Borromeo - Black Jack Ranch

I understand that you would like to know more about Ranch Manager from a user. Here I will try to introduce it to you, although I am not sure what you might want to know.

I compared Ranch Manager with other Livestock software programs.  Ranch Manager distinguished itself from the others because:

1. I found it easier and more pleasant to use

2. In the main page of "Animal ID" you have space for your main, most important information and you have plenty of space for notes or comments that you might want to have on the spot, first sight. You can store plenty of other information in the well organized following pages/tabs. Easy offspring and pedigree information, history of any event, what feed you use ...not only is the program complete and flexible, you can have all the information in front of you without scrolling with the mouse or look for it.

3. You have plenty of space to write about your land or pastures. I can keep track of what I plant, what kind of fertilizer I use, etc. No other program has such a well organized section and can gather so much information about pastures and land, corrals, you name it. I have an exotic deer/antelope operation, as well as a cattle operation. I grow my own hay. I can enter information about each deer pasture, what animals are in, what they are eating, and how well (hopefully) they are doing. Same for my hay patches. I can write how much money I am spending on what pasture and I can check if it was worthy or not.

4. Breed: I can add my breed. Again, this program is great for flexibility ... other programs would not let me add or modify breed names and specifications. I could not add "Red Deer." Now I am using the program (that is for cattle) for my deer and they at Lion Edge are wrapping up as we speak a new version just for the deer. Exceedingly helpful is the breed performance section. I can understand better how I am doing and how my animals are doing when I see it in a draw. But that's just me, of course.

5. Schedule/Journal: It is very helpful and it allows you to have your month at a glance and it has plenty of space for activities, reminders, and diary.  I used to have my calendar/palm pilot for all the activities, rain, etc. Today I turn on a single program to check at a glance from my animals' records to rain amounts, from scheduled veterinary services, to reminders, all in one spot, easy to use, and flexible enough to accommodate my needs.

6. The help section is fantastic. Just this morning I could not remember how to edit weaning dates for my red deer (I am also a new customer) and I was considering calling Lion Edge when I went to the help program and I figured it out in seconds.

The thing that what I like even better about Ranch Manager is the customer service and the people behind the product. I had problems downloading the trial version: they were very kind and they resolved it in minutes. Because I raise different species than cattle (Red Deer and Oryx), they are introducing a deer version of the program to accommodate my specific needs so that I can keep track of antlers and horns development, for example. I asked for a section for premises ID numbers and general Animal ID numbers, and it came. Every time I need something more or I feel that something could be better, an update comes in matter of weeks at the most. They are a friendly voice that you can find any time you need anything. Furthermore, their will and ability to modify the program to help you out makes the program perfect ... where do you find a similar service? And free of charge??

It is very hard to talk about the negatives of Ranch Manager since they are doing their best to eliminate any negative aspect of it.  At Lion Edge they promised to work on technology as it becomes available, and with their past record, I know that they will keep their word.  Ranch Manager offers all the above for a better price than the competitors. I like that, too!

I hope that what I wrote was helpful ... This is my third program for animals that I have used and, personally, I just love it! Of course, software is a very personal matter, too. I highly recommend you to try it.  Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions and ... Good Luck!


Marida Favia del Core Borromeo

Blackjack Ranch L.E.E., Ltd.

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