Ranch Manager Software is compatible with Windows 8 and Mac platforms.
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Equine Software Ranch Manager: Equine Edition Software Starting At: $174.99
Use Ranch Manager Equine software to improve your equine record keeping (horse/donkey) for your ranching operation. Horse record keeping features include adding horse pictures, detailed health and maintenance records, recording income and expenses, picture pedigree, recording horse traits and more. Ranch Manager allows you to record breeding in a handy breeding chart where you have a complete year's worth of breeding data on one easy to use screen. Track heat cycles, foaling dates, and other breeding data. Ranch Manager tracks horse identification and important events such as breeding, show and training records, veterinary care, worming, hoof trimming, dental checkups, and feedings. Ranch Manager is designed to maintain a complete history of your horse operation. Ranch Manager Software for your desktop is available in Windows and Macintosh platforms, including Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

For on the go, in the pasture or at a show, the Mobile Edition Software for iPhone syncs with the Ranch Manager Equine Desktop Edition using the RM Cloud. The Mobile Edition makes working and viewing equine records easier and more productive. We are here to help you take control of your horse records now!
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Equine Edition - Customer Testimonials  (View All Testimonials)

Evan - Breezeway Farm

I had bought your Equine edition at the end of last week for both the PC and the PDA and I have been impressed with the software.  It took me a lot of the weekend to get my data on there (and I still have some left to go), but I did have one question with regard to the PDA software.  I do realize that it is a companion software and not a standalone one, but I didn't think it would hurt to ask.  The only thing that I wished the PDA software had was the Income/Expense module as I know I would be using that quite a bit when I'm at the horse shows.  Is that possible for a future update?  Thanks for the help, keep up with the great software.


Breezeway Farm

Randy Shoemaker - Smoke Creek Ranch

Thanks for the great service. I am really enjoying the software and look forward to getting all my ranch data moved over.  The added note areas throughout the software is also a great idea.  Thanks again.

Geraldine Chappman, Australia
In Spring last year I went looking for a software package that would let me keep track of all the horses coming and going from my property in the upcoming breeding season.

From previous experience I knew that it can be very useful to record every event that happens with a particular horse and sometimes even more useful is to be able to keep a diary. I also like to record as much of the horse’s individual details as possible, keep the owner contact details, and add photos. Essentially I wanted a program to do it all.

Some serious googling later and I narrowed my choice down to just one – Ranch Manager Equine created by Lion Edge Technologies in the US.

The software was actually developed by the owners to help them to manage their own cattle ranch and it developed from there. There are now seven versions – Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Equine, Camelid, Livestock and Wildlife and each database can manage up to around 15,000 entries.

Back to the Equine version though.

Ranch Manager, over the breeding season, has turned out to be everything I want or need for an Equine ‘herd’ management database. I’m able to keep accurate records on all horses coming and going from the property, and can even keep outside mares in a separate database so that they don’t get mixed in with my own horses.

I’ve been able to record when horses have been seen by the farrier, scanned by the vet, bred, wormed, changed diet, and keep detailed notes with each record so that if anything unusual happens I have a record to recall. Or, as I found out last year, when an owner rings me and say “Hey, do remember the date when ....”

We keep five regular horses at our property and RM is great just for keeping track of vaccines, wormers, farrier, and changes in diet and vet treatments. It is also possible to keep a journal, say, if you have a pregnant mare and want to record her progress, or a rescue horse you are rehabilitating, or a youngster you are bringing on.

The package actually has a huge amount of very useful and practical features but what I like most is that it is:

a/ easy to use
b/ lets me keep all my horses organised and in one place
c/ allows me to record all the details I want to keep in one place
d/ You can get a trial versions first and once you find it is totally invaluable purchase and download the license key
e/ is very reasonably priced at just under $100 US

Features include:
• Detailed Horse Records
• Keep detailed notes about each horse in your operation
• ID Tracking
• Show Records
• Multiple Views of your Herd
• Pedigree editor
• Event Tracking
• Gestation history
• Breeding Planner
• Inbreeding Detection
• Breed Records
• Rancher’s Calendar
• Rancher’s Journal
• Sales Tracking and Reporting
• Intelligent Use of Hover Text & Context Sensitive Help

There’s also a pocket edition – good for people who want to record details on their PDA as they are out and about on their property.

Ranch Manager was recently released version two which has some useful additions like spaces for recording microchips, brands, multiple registrations and for keeping multiple photos of a horse. The developers are constantly making changes and additions so you can expect to see even more useful features in the future.

Ranch Manager takes a lot of the guess work out of managing horses; you won’t be scratching your head trying to remember exactly when their teeth were done, what wormer you used last, or who is due for vaccinations.

I use this program every day and have to say I would be pretty much lost without it!

Highly recommended!

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