Ranch Manager Software is compatible with Windows 8 and Mac platforms.
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Cattle Software Ranch Manager: Cattle Edition Software Starting At: $174.99
Cattle software that is affordable and easy to use. Manage both Cow Calf and Purebred cattle records with Ranch Manager: Cattle Edition. Built for tracking cattle, Ranch Manager detects inbreeding, tracks cattle ID, pedigree, pasture location, and tracks cattle movements. Historical Data produces a complete view of your cattle operation currently and for every year entered (including dead and unmanaged animals). Sort, filter, search, and navigate through Ranch Manager to retrieve and view data. Other features and benefits include: rapid data entry, adding cattle pictures, customizable picture pedigrees, due date reports, income and expense recording, treating multiple animals at once with vaccinations, interface with wand readers, download weights from cattle scales, average daily gain, other weight and measurement information.

Ranch Manager Software for your desktop is available in Windows and Macintosh platforms, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.

Have more than just Cattle to manage? Our Livestock Edition software is especially tailored for you. Ranch Manager is designed to allow users the flexibility to combine products if you wish (multiple species eg. Cattle + Equine) into one livestock program. See the Livestock Edition for more details.

For on the go, in the pasture or at a show, the Mobile Edition Software for iPhone syncs with the Ranch Manager Cattle Desktop Edition using the RM Cloud. The Mobile Edition makes working and viewing cattle records easier and more productive. We are here to help you take control of your cattle records now!

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Cattle Edition - Customer Testimonials  (View All Testimonials)

Scott Drinkgern - Arrow D Hereford Ranch
Bremen, KS

After years of looking for the right software to manage our herd, both for ease of use and affordability I came across Lion Edge Technologies.  In the fall of 2006 I purchased the Ranch manager Cattle Edition for my PC and instantly loved it.  I am fair at best running the computer and the programs on it but this was a breeze.  At first getting the herd set up I  needed to call tech support for help and with questions and I was surprised at how quickly they responded and how quickly they helped me get our herd set up. I entered all of our current herd and then when spring came with calving time I used it to enter all our new calves and wow, with such ease. 

I couldn't wait for the Pocket Edition to come out.  Just today I received it in the mail and wow again, it is great.  I needed an extra feature to search for tag numbers and talked to Wayne and he told me he would email me in a couple of hours with what I needed.  I got the email an hour later with the change I needed and this is awesome.  One of the big problems we have with our Hereford Herd is they lose the Plastic ear tags.  When we get together to re-tag the cows it’s pretty stressful.  If you can image this is a 3 generation operation (need I say more) and all three have notes and different ways to search for the information to figure out which cow she is and to properly re-tag her.  We have a steel tag and a state steel tag and sometimes another steel tag, all I have to do with the Pocket Edition is search any of the tag numbers and instantly there is all the information on my Palm about that cow and we can quickly make up a new Plastic tag, tag her and move her on through.  I am looking forward to springtime when I can enter data in the field on my Palm after tagging newborn calves and then come back to my PC and HotSync. 

Thanks again for such great software and service.  Please feel free to use as you wish.   THANK YOU!!

Michael Fulbright - Millhaven Farm, NC
Thank You for your patience and help. I really like my Cattle edition of Range Manager It is easy to use and very affordable. Please keep me up to date pn any additions so I don't miss a thing.

Brian - Golden Gate Farms

Just a note
The Ranch Manager program is exactly what I wanted. Great program.
I have a couple friends interested in programs too.

Charlie Main - Manitoba, Canada

A comment regarding CCIA,  to get on the internet with dial-up, then to CCIA website, find my data in Ranch Manger, download it to CCIA, then print out a birth certificates,  12 minutes.  Now that is simple and easy thanks to your program.

I got my calfs age verified on to CCIA.

Just a thank you for your excellent and prompt support. You folks are always so nice and helpful. You even listen to my ideas.

I continue to advertise verbally for you.

If you ever want a testimony of the kind of service you give, I would be privileged to help you.

Scott - Sweet Grass Farm
Lopez Island, WA

The mac version of Ranch Manager came yesterday.  It installed without a hitch.  You guys are first rate.

Dutch - Tangled Rope Ranch

I gotta tell you, your software is the best out of the 4 competitors whose trials I checked out. The more I play with it, the better I like it.

Thanks Again.

Wilford and Joanie Bickel - Bickel Farms
Alpine, AL

Over the years, we have looked for software to assist us with our Registered Charolais Farm. We looked at all the big software companies that were just too expensive and even at one point purchased a small software program from a company that made a lot of promises - promises they were too busy going to fairs to sell the program to keep. It was a lucky day for us when I ran up on an advertisement for Lion Edge Technologies' Ranch Manager. This software has performed without any problems, solved our record keeping problems especially on our performance data for the Charolais Association and is now giving us more knowledge about our cattle herd such as the actual gestation after AI on each cow. The staff at Lion Edge is there to help and whether it is a minor question on the operating of the software or a major change that is needed for our operation they respond fast and efficiently. We want to thank everyone at Lion Edge for the great job and would recommend the software to anyone in the livestock industry!! You can't buy better livestock software!!
Regina - Orion Herefords Miniature & Classic Herefords - Fort Davis, TX

You know, the more time I spend with Ranch Manager, the more I love it! I've just spent an entire week importing animals (I thought it might be a good way to double check our records against the American Hereford Association's and vice-versa....glad I did!) and now have over 1000 active and "Unmanaged" animals in the program. Just thought you might like to know I'm one extremely happy customer. After spending almost a year testing every Cow/Calf program on the market, we will now be using Ranch Manager to track both our Miniature Hereford and Classic Hereford herds. Your pedigree and offspring tracking capabilities are the best I've found, and are a definite asset to any purebred cattle breeder.

Definitely looking forward to the Handheld Edition!

Annie Duncan - Pennsylvania Simmental Association

Having researched and tried other cattle management programs for my sister's registered Simmental herd, I was very pleased to "discover" Ranch Manager Cattle Edition!  You have created software which beautifully fits the needs of small, purebred operations, such as my sister's and many other farms in our state/region. 

Annie Duncan

James Stephens, Oklahoma

Thank you for your fast and very good reply. The upgrade was easy to do.

Version 2 has a cleaner look and seems to run faster. We like your program and it is good to know that you support your customers.  We will recommend your program to anyone who is looking for a good way to keep up with their

Thank you for your help

Natalie - Le Biscornu
Rimouski, QC, Canada

Thank you for your quick response. I really am happy with your software and  I don't hesitate to recommend it to all my friends and breeding stock customers!

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